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A250 SuperPower Rc Fighter


Looking for a fun and exciting way to spend your free time?

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Product description

Introducing the A250 - The SuperPower Fighter Plane! This incredible aircraft is perfect for those who are looking for an exciting new way to enjoy their free time. The A250 - The SuperPower Fighter Plane has a four-channel design, making it easy to learn and perfect for first-time flyers. The fan blades, motors, and wings are all removable for easy replacement, RcAvion - The SuperPower Fighter Plane is the perfect choice for a fun and thrilling experience. Order yours today!

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rc plane

3D Axis Gtroscope

Can accurately lock the flight attitude, the reaction is sensitive, can easily make all kinds of special effects, greatly increases the flight stability and the accuracy.

rc plane

Flight Control System

The flight control system adds two receiverconversion socks,
5V is suitable for Futaba (S-Bus) and other receiverswith S-Bus ports,
3V is suitable for DSM receivers.

rc plane

6G Axis Gyroscope

Six-axis mode increases stability.In many cases! as long as you release the joystick,the aircraft Will maintain a smooth flight attitude.The operation is simple and suitable for beginners to fly.

rc plane

EPP Material

EPP material is adopted, which is a new type of environmental protection pressure cushioning heat insulation material. The appearance is bright and clean very impact resistant, only 70g full weight, is an important material for model aircraft.



rc plane

Throw The Take Off

The throttle rocker is pushed forward, the propeller rotates at high speed, and the upwind is inclined to throw the aircraft. After taking off, the control joystick controls the flight altitude and direction.



rc plane

Lithium Ion Battery

3.7v 400mah lithium battery, high energy, long service life, low applicable temperature, suitable for environmental protection,without any lead, mercury, cadmium and other toxic and harmful heavy metal elements and substances.



rc plane

2-4GHZ Radio Control

2.4GHz has great advantages, even there are other people in the operation of aircrafts in the same space, the frequency will not be interfered with the same frequency.