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SU35 Alpha Rc Fighter

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Silicone head for collision prevention and impact resistance ensures safer flights by effectively protecting the fuselage.
The EPP lightweight and flexible materials resist breaking, providing durability against falls and collisions.
Backward thrust from front and rear propellers cancels out, stabilizing the route with counter-torque force for increased stability.
Dazzling LED lights and bright scenic area line recognition enable obstruction-free nighttime flying.
Tail wing swing allows for versatile aerial stunts, with controlled up-and-down movement for dynamic flight actions.

Light: No Light

Sold Out
Sold Out


- Material: EPP

- Airplane dimensions: 52.5 x 37.5 x 17 cm

- Weight: 106G

- Remote control distance:  2 meters from the ground, diameter 300M, altitude 600m

- Frequency: 2.4GHZ 2CH

- Flight time: about 15 minutes

- Charging time: about 150 minutes

Package Included

- 1 x Glider
- 1 x Left wing
- 1 x Right wing
- 1 x Remote control
- 1 x Instruction manual 
- 1 x Lithium battery
- 1 x Screwdriver
- 1 x USB charging cable
- 1 x Propeller
- 4 x Screws
- 1 x Front wheel
- 2 x Rear wheels

- Realistic Scale Design -

Authentic Looks

This SU-35 replica has incredibly accurate paint and markings just like the full-size jet. Snap-together wings and fuselage allows easy assembly without tools.

- Speed Meets Precision -

An Ultra-RC Thriller

The Vallty SU-35 possesses an incredible level of scale authenticity that will delight any aeromodeler.

Its airframe replicates the full-size stealth fighter's distinctive design down to the smallest panels and rivet heads. Decals and markings furnish an immaculate finish true to Russia's elite Su-35.

Under the wings, three-bladed thrust vectors endow it with remarkable agility matched only by the real thing. But its real brilliance emerges in flight.

Safety Material

Produced with non-toxic and harmless raw materials.


Arrives in beautiful gift box packaging.


User-friendly controls, making it accessible for all skill levels.


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