Precautions for beginners playing RC planes

Being able to fly freely in the sky should be a dream that most boys have had since childhood. But the little boys of those years grew up, and most of them took a different path. After all, not everyone can become a pilot. Flying freely in the vast blue sky gradually became a deep dream in their hearts, persistent and beautiful. As a result, more and more people are now playing with remote control planes. And more people are eager to join this dream team.
However, for beginners, what should be paid attention to when playing a remote control plane?
First of all, let me briefly introduce the remote control plane to you.
At present, there are many types of remote control aircraft, and the classification can be divided into classification by style, classification by main wing
class, by engine, and a few others. However, as we newbies
Generally, you only need to understand two concepts, that is, fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters.
The difference between these two models is that the former is more controllable, while the latter is more challenging but more fun. It is recommended that novices choose fixed wing, which is cheaper and easier to use
Let's talk to you about what we should pay attention to as newbies.

1. Safety issues
Whether you are playing the model or watching, you should pay attention, even if everyone has good skills (not to mention the novice), there will inevitably be surprises. When you play with models, you should find an empty place to play, and pay more attention to the people around you, which is more important than paying attention to your plane.
2. Make a budget
First of all, it is very important to make a good budget. Most of my friends who look at the beginning of the budget have very limited budgets.
Yes, the general purchase budget is less than 300 US dollars.

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